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Sunday, 17 February 2013

A French S-Pulse Follower's Fandom

Barry Barry writes

Tichmall, native of France one of our regular commenters, is also the owner of an impressive collection of S-Pulse shirts. Covering every season since our inception in 1992, the only shirt missing is 2007's. Take a look at a whole lot of orange! Great to see such fandom around the world for our team, and brilliant to know there are people pulling for us from so many corners of the globe.


As we've seen, these shirts don't come cheap, so true devotion from one of our global supporters and overseas ambassadors for S-Pulse. If I ever bump into someone in a Shimizu shirt in some far flung corner of world, the beers will be on me.


Tichmall said...

Thanks ! I hope I'm not the only one outside Japan to support Shimizu, but I'm sure I'm not. If you spot some European wearing orange shoes at Nihondaira in the future seasons, it might be me.

Damn I want to go there.

David R said...

Passionate S-Pulse fan in South Carolina, USA here. Lived in Shizuoka-shi, Suruga-ku during '09, '10, '11. Will follow the Orange for life!

Barry said...


If you get a trip planned, you're more than welcome to join us behind the goal!

David R>

Great to hear of more overseas S-Pulse fans! I wouldn't be surprised if we know some of the same people. The foreign circle in Shizuoka isn't so big really, is it?